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Good News!

With effect from 29th March 2021 Hemlock Scout Camp Site will be available for bookings for activities and meetings.

Numbers will be restricted in accordance with Government/Scout Association guidelines in force on the date of your booking.

Hemlock Camp Site is located on Common Lane, Bramcote, near Nottingham.

It is a “Green Field” campsite operated by SW Notts Scout District under an agreement with the University of Nottingham who own the site.

Any Group/Unit from SW Notts District can use the site. Other Scout Districts can also participate in activities being run in conjunction with SW Notts District.

It is ideal for Activity Days, Fun Days and for evening activities. It is also the location for our annual District Fireworks Extravaganza!

So we can ensure that you have exclusive use of the site for your activity or camp, we are asking you to formally ‘book’ the site using a simple on-line booking system – even if you are only going to be on site for half-an-hour! This will enable you to check availability and also provisionally book the site for your event.

On the basis that any meeting or activity  taking place at Hemlock Camp Site should have been notified to parents/carers at least one week prior to the activity/event, we have decided to ask leaders to ensure the site is booked at least 7 days in advance of your proposed date(s). This also ensures we can organise anything special you may want for your booking (e.g. electricity supply, water etc).

Please check availability here. You then need to complete the  on-line Site Booking Form if you wish to use the site. This incorporates a utilities (water/electricity) booking opportunity too.

Access to the site

Access to the site is restricted to the main gated entrance off Common Lane.

If you require a key to access the site you will be asked to pay a key deposit. This will be £5 for a gate key or, if you require a full set which also provides access to the water tap and the electricity supply cabinet, this will increase to £15.

Keys must be returned within 24 hours of the end of your booking. If they are not returned, you will forfeit your deposit – but you will still have to return the keys!

Open Fires

We have decided to operate a policy of only permitting Altar Fires on the site. Trench fires will no longer be allowed. If you haven’t got access to an altar fire there are two in the District stores that can be borrowed at a rate of £10 per fire – with £5 per fire being returned once the altar fires have been returned to the stores – provided they are clean!.


As this is a Green Field site, camp leaders must have a current valid Green Field Nights Away Permit recorded on Compass in order to camp on the site. They must also have an up-to-date First Aid Qualification. A Form NAN will need to be submitted at least 7 days prior to the start of a camp along with risk assessments to cover your programme of activities.


As there are currently no toilet or washroom facilities or a means of disposing of chemical toilet waste on site, those wishing to camp or hold an activity will either have to take their own chemical toilets (and ensure they have made arrangements whereby they can be safely emptied in accordance with statutory regulations during/after the event) or hire in toilets from specialist firms. The responsibility for providing adequate toilet facilities rests with the Camp/Activity Leader

Activity day fees:

Full day: £10 per day or part thereof

Half day: £5.00

Evening only activities: Free of Charge

Camp Fees

£1.00 per person per night


Mains water and mains electricity are available on the site. The site booking form includes a section enabling you to specify what utilities (if any) you need access to.